Lost and found

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    All lost items found in the museum will be listed on the official website. The lost items will be kept for claim for one month.

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    The lost items will be handed over to the police station, according to the Civil Law, if they are not claimed by the owners within a month.

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    Claim process

    • Collection by owners:

      1. Please inquire the information desk and validate the lost and found properties.
      2. Owners need to bring IDs to collect the lost & found properties. Owners also need to fill in and sign an entrustment form before their properties are returned.
    • Delegation for collections:

      1. Delegation for collections: Owners shall delegate another person to collect properties by filling in the delegation form (please click on the link).
      2. The delegates will need to bring IDs for verification, and to fill in and sign an entrustment form before the properties are returned.
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    Collection time: At museum opening hours (9 am~5pm, closed on Wednesdays)

    • TEL No. : (04) 2462-7979 ext.9

    • Fax No. : (04) 2462-7879

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